What is GIST?

The Gospel In Society Today (GIST) Committee is appointed by the Presbyterian Church of Queensland’s State Assembly to engage with questions being asked by people in our society, responding from a framework that understands and expresses the Gospel of Jesus. Our committee develops issues papers to articulate this approach, and then uses these papers as a basis for finding and telling stories about life in this world.

Stories and Articles

Living for Jesus in the ‘new Australia’

Last year’s ‘YES’ vote and the subsequent passing of legislation allowing same-sex couples to marry in Australia, will have raised all sorts of questions for each of us. Has our society now completely shifted away from ‘Christian values’ and does this even matter? Is religious freedom under threat? What will the consequences be for our …

Bringing Domestic Violence into the light

  In July the ABC launched a public conversation on domestic violence in religious communities through the publication of a series of articles. One long article by journalists Julia Baird and Hayley Gleeson featured the first hand testimonies of women in conservative evangelical churches who have been abused by their husbands and found the response …


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GIST is a committee of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland.