The Gospel In Society Today Committee presented two workshops unpacking some of the implications of our white papers at the 2017 PCQ Assembly.

In this seminar we speak about how to live faithfully in an age that seeks to not just minimise pain and suffering but to avoid it all together — not just in our own lives, but as others suffer and grieve. The good life, we’re told, is one of pleasure, without pain, not one of hope through pain and suffering. This seminar unpacks our paper on the Gospel and Humanity, and features stories of suffering from several leaders of our churches.

This is a video of the seminar. The GIST committee is happy to help churches in PCQ find ways to use this paper, or the content of the seminar, to help meet our committee’s two purposes, to:

a) live faithfully for Jesus in a secular society and
b) engage in gospel-hearted apologetics that point to the great hope we have in Jesus.