Issues papers

Issues papers

So far we have completed papers on:

The Gospel of Jesus Christ (PDF) — A foundational paper for how we understand the Gospel and its relationship to life in the world.

The Gospel and Humanity (PDF) — how we understand who we are in the light of the Gospel. This paper formed our approach in a subsequent paper on Abortion.

The Gospel and the Environment (PDF) — A paper considering how the Gospel shapes our understanding of the world we live in and how to treat it.

The Gospel and Sexuality (PDF) — A paper considering how the Gospel shapes our lives in the area of sex and sexuality, and how the Gospel shapes the way we speak about sex and sexuality to the world.

The Gospel and Gender (PDF) — A paper considering questions around gender, including Transgender, Intersex, and Queer theory.

Domestic Violence (PDF) — The Presbyterian Church of Queensland Assembly commissioned a special ad hoc committee in 2015 who produced this report that was adopted unanimously at the 2016 assembly with a series of recommendations and a framework for our churches and victims to understand how to bring domestic violence from behind closed doors and into the light.

The Gospel and Abortion (PDF) — This paper is a short primer on our approach to abortion drawing implications from our Gospel and Humanity paper; a longer paper is currently going through the approval process with the PCQ Assembly.